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The One Joke Donald Trump Didn't Allow In His Comedy Central Roast

“It’s always interesting to learn what is 'sacred' for a celebrity.”

Image via YouTube

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump opened up the floodgates for public scrutiny when he launched his campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

There’s been no shortage of criticism of the Republican candidate, not only from a sober standpoint but also a humorous take on the billionaire running for leader of the United States.

Though, whichever angle the blows are coming from, Trump is no stranger to being ridiculed. In fact, the GOP front runner was the subject of a Comedy Central roast event in 2011.

Back then, however, he had substantial control over which topics were off limits for the televised mocking.

For Trump, jokes about his creepy relationship with his daughter, his infamous haircut, his failed steaks, failed casinos, and failed marriages were fair game. But when it came to his wealth, Trump sternly requested comedians not take a stab at his net worth.

"Each year, the 'roastee' has certain topics they declare off-limits," Aaron Lee, a writer who has worked on several Comedy Central roasts tells Vulture. "It's always interesting to learn what is 'sacred' for a celebrity.”

Anthony Jeselnik, comedian and fellow Trump roaster, backs up Lee's claim. In a 2013 interview with Joan Rivers the comedian shared, “Donald Trump’s rule was, don’t say I have less money than I say I do. Make fun of my kids, do whatever you want, just don’t say I don’t have that much money.”

And in an odd twist, roaster Snoop Dogg foreshadowed a Trump presidential run. During the 2011 event Snoop joked:

“Donald says he wants to run for president and move on into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out of their house.”

Check out all the jokes that actually made the cut in the video below.

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