Just because someone spent $1,000 (or more) on the widely anticipated iPhone X doesn’t mean they’re any less clumsy than they were before making the purchase. Amid proud of photos of new iPhones on social media are a surprising number of shameful customers who have revealed that they’ve already managed to drop their cherished new devices.

As one might imagine, the photos are both funny and pitiful as the phones’ owners realize they are now on the hook for some very pricey repairs, if their phones are salvageable at all. According to BuzzFeed, the large screen that makes the iPhone X so desirable also makes a dropped phone a very costly proposition. The phones, which don’t immediately appear to be living up to the “shatterproof” reputation that precedes them, can cost $549 to fix if the customer didn’t purchase AppleCare.

I can’t imagine this man’s poor fortune is allowing anyone else to feel better about their day, but maybe this photo will do the trick for a few sadists out there.

Fortunately, this customer’s plight went viral enough that an iPhone case manufacturer saw the opportunity to generate a little goodwill. Samer still has a broken phone, but once it’s fixed, he’ll have a free case to protect it going forward.

Despite the new technology inhabiting the iPhone X, the sensible approach is the same as it’s been since cellphones proliferated — get a case.