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An On-Location Fox News Segment Got Awkward When A Diner Patron Held Up This Sign

The hosts wanted the “pulse of the people,” and they got it.

Fox News was, once again, reminded of the risks inherent to live-location segments when, during a piece airing from a Kentucky diner, one outspoken Democrat got a little more vocal than the reporter would have liked.

During a “Fox and Friends” piece called “Breakfast in the Bluegrass State,” Todd Piro was hosting what he described as a “debate” between residents of “Jefferson County, where we are, highly Democrat. Bullitt County, right across the way here, heavy Republican.”

The debate was as civil and smooth as one would expect, but in a twist on what logic may dictate, the disruptor was a loud, bearded Democrat yelling, “This is fake news!” repeatedly while holding a scribbled piece of paper that read simply “FOX LIES.” What this gentleman lacked in tact and production values, he more than made up for with enthusiasm.

The moment of truth was captured in this screengrab:

The reporter responded the only way he could, sending the broadcast back to the studio as it became clear that things would get worse before they got better in that Kentucky diner. "Steve and Brian, I'm going to send it on back to you,” Piro said.

A somewhat similar, albeit more civil, issue occurred back in May following the firing of James Comey. Griff Jenkins was reporting from the Tastee Diner in Bethesda, Maryland, when this “disruption” occurred:

Apparently, Fox News doesn’t want to cover Trump criticism in any form from its on-camera subjects. Maybe they’d be better served waiting until lunchtime to ask people what they think of their political predispositions.

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