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Netflix Promotes The Release Of ‘Big Mouth’ With A Two-Acre Likeness Of The Female Reproductive System

It’s also promoting its latest original series.

To promote the release of its latest original series, “Big Mouth,” Netflix has created a two-acre likeness of the female reproductive system that is better appreciated via drone than on the ground.

The cartoon’s leading voice actors, Nick Kroll and Jessie Klein, journeyed to a field in Southern California’s Ventura County to tour the creation and to give the public a much-needed lesson on female anatomy.

Image via Netflix/YouTube.

“A great woman named Oprah once said, ‘There are only two emotions in the world: love and fear,’” Klein says in the video. “Our world is definitely ruled more by fear of the female reproductive system than love for it. I think that’s something we’re going to change today.”

Klein is making a joke, but she has an important point. According to the Centers for Disease Control, not even half of high schools and only 20% of middle schools provided instruction on all 16 topics the CDC considers essential to sexual health education.

Promoting the show by constructing a large representation of the female anatomy makes sense given the show’s subject matter. “Big Mouth” deals with the frustrations and awkwardness of going through puberty.

“Puberty is such a formative time in every single person’s life that it felt like an area that was ripe to be examined,” Kroll, who is also a co-creator of the show, told Junkee. “It’s one of the worst, scariest parts of that time in life. You feel like you’re alone and the only one going through it, but in reality we’re all going through it and dealing with it.”

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