This Real-Life Super Mario Bros. Using Augmented Reality Glasses Is Everything You’d Hope For

This makes Pokemon Go look like Pong

We know that tech companies are betting big on virtual reality as a future mainstay in our lives, but many seem to believe that AR (augmented reality—blending the real and digital worlds) will be the more practical application of technology in our day-to-day routines.

It will be a long time before a winner in that contest is declared, but for now, AR is sure to win over some supporters thanks to this captivating first-person rendition of a real-world Super Mario Bros. using overlaid graphics. Abhishek Singh, the creator of the application and the star of the video, succeeded where others came up a little short.

Rather than just animating footage to make it look like he’s playing, as many have done before, he actually plays through the AR headset he wears. So he’s making his way through a Mario course in the real world, and we get the undeniable pleasure of watching.

The hardware he uses is the HoloLens headset, and the experience he designed is lifted straight from level 1, world 1 of Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

There’s little doubt that this fantastic demonstration will turn many people into nostalgia-driven advocates for future AR developments.