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Makeup-Shamed Waitress’ Response To Rude Teens Going Viral

Teens can be so rude.

The advent of social media has shed light on some of the most terrible reasons why servers get stiffed on tips. Over the past few years, numerous stories have gone viral about servers who’ve been given a big fat zero on the tip line — not for their service, but for their sexuality, race, or gender. A tip-stiffing story out of southern Indiana has been going viral for nearly a month because people can’t believe the pettiness.

Aspiring makeup artist and Instagram user wingedandcontoured was stiffed on a tip for a $33 bill by two disgruntled teenage girls allegedly because of her makeup. After receiving the bill, the two girls complained they couldn’t afford the meal and blamed the waitress for not telling them exactly what it was going to cost.

The girls then demanded to speak with a manager, but they weren’t given a discount because, according to the server, “they shouldn’t have ordered food they couldn’t pay for.” Magically, one girl put down a credit card and paid the bill but left the waitress $0 for her services along with a petty note.


“Here’s a tip: Contour is supposed to blend,” one of the teenage girls wrote on the bill next to the giant goose egg. But the waitress didn’t let the mean girls’ cattiness get her down. Instead, she showed off her on-point cat eyes and eyebrow contouring next to a photo of the bill on Instagram with an empowering comment: “Didn’t phase me.”

In less than a month, the post has over 2,500 likes because, as one commenter put it, “Those girls were just jealous and tried to put you down, but never let anyone get you down!”

And that’s a tip worth sharing.

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