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What My Life Costs In A Day: Medellín

People around the world show us what and how they spend their money

Have you ever thought about how much a day costs in your life? A $3 coffee here, a $2 bus ticket there, and then, of course, you walk by your favorite store and see that shirt you’ve been eyeing and you just have to get it. There goes $40. The little things we buy to make it through each day can quickly add up—and most of us pay little to no attention to our daily tab. But what if we did? If you were keenly aware of how much you were spending every single day, would you still make the same choices?

In this GOOD Money series, we’re asking people to bare their wallets and show us their life in a day. Want to participate? Snap a photo of each item you purchase in a day, along with the cost, and tweet @GOOD with the hashtag #GOODmoney.

Stephanie recently traded her tech job for a few months of traveling the world. She’s currently in Medellín, Columbia.

Toothpaste: 8,840 COP ($3.00)

Fruit: 4,450 COP ($1.50)

After breakfast at the hostel (which is free), I went to the local grocery store to get some snacks for later. I bought some fresh fruit—and then I remembered I needed more toothpaste.

Kimono: 66,000 COP ($22)

Top: 79,000 COP ($27)

On my way back from the grocery store, I walked into this cute boutique I had noticed a few times. It only sells things that are made in Medellín. I’ve been feeling a bit tired of my backpacking clothes so I caved and bought a kimono and a top.

Smoothie: 6,500 COP ($2.20)

Everyday, I’ve been going to a coffee shop for a few hours to read or do some freelance work. This one was called Hija Mia and had a delicious pineapple smoothie.

Two hours of Spanish tutoring: 100,000 COP ($34)

I arranged to meet my Spanish tutor, Daniel, at Hija Mia. He worked with me for two hours at the cafe and charges 50,000 per hour.

Beers: 20,000 COP ($7)

On Fridays, Hija Mia starts selling beers early. I joined my tutor and his friend at a table and we sat for the next four hours chatting and drinking.

Entrance fee: 5,000 COP ($1.75)

After many beers, Daniel wanted to go salsa dancing. He invited me to go with him and his friends—and I was not going to turn down an invitation to go out with a local.

Empanada: 3,000 COP ($1)

Finally, we left the club. I bought an empanada on the street before getting in the taxi to head home.

Total ~ $100

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