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When A Twitter User Claimed Steph Curry Snubbed A Fan, The NBA Star's Wife Set The Record Straight

No one knows Steph better than she does.

Steph Curry knows that as one of the biggest names in American sports, people are always watching. The slightest misstep on or off the court will not only be witnessed, but the story will be shared on social media. When a tweet accusing Steph of ignoring a young fan before a game went viral, the NBA star didn’t respond.

But his wife, Ayesha, sure did.

The critical tweet in question shows a montage of photos of the boy getting autographs from many, if not most, members of the team. However, Curry isn’t to be found among the pics.

Knowing that there is no concrete way to disprove one fan’s account of events, Ayesha — who was in attendance at the time these photos were taken — offered her view of the circumstances and who she knows her husband to be when it comes to interacting with young fans.

When another Twitter user questioned her account, she responded by saying that her husband maintains a narrow focus on the court, and just because the two were near each other, doesn’t mean they saw each other. She stated that she experiences this phenomenon regularly.

While the actual events lack documentation, it certainly doesn’t seem in Curry’s nature to “snub” a fan, at least not without a good reason for doing so. Known for practicing on the court hours before tipoff, Curry uses much of that time to interact with fans and sign autographs.

Those accounts are well documented. Here’s a clip from the same game referenced in the original critical tweet.

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