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Worthy Cause Countdown: Get The Lady Tigers To Chicago [EXTENDED]

Here’s how you can help this inner-city softball team have the experience of a lifetime

In December, GOOD Sports featured worthy school athletic programs in need of support. There was the softball team in need of scorecards and softballs, the soccer team needing pinnies, and the track team trying to acquire hurdles, just to name a few. And we’re happy to report that all 12 of the campaigns have been fully funded.

So we are offering up one more—and the campaign has been extended to January 9!

The JHS Jordan L. Mott 22 school, situated in a high-poverty area of the Bronx, has the opportunity to send its softball team to a tournament in Chicago. It’s the latest in a series of aspirations and accomplishments for coach (and cancer survivor) Christopher Astacio and his Lady Tigers team.

“Battling an environment plagued with poverty, drugs and gang violence, our school strives to provide these young girls with hope,” Astacio writes on “Softball has become a way of life, a means to escape the harsh reality of their circumstances and simply enjoy being a teen.”

The Lady Tigers need help getting to Chicago, where they also will be participating in college tours while being exposed to a world far removed from the one in which they live. Writes Astacio:

Accustomed to dismal housing projects, streets riddled with filth, gang presence nearly on every street corner, etc., most of my girls do not realize places like Bandits Stadium and Chicago University exist nor do they believe that they could one day step foot on a ‘real softball field’ made of grass and dirt and not concrete riddled with broken glass.

The softball team needs a big assist to the tune of $28,816 in order to make it to the tournament, and the campaign already has received more than $2,000 toward the cause. You can donate here.

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