Watch Roger Federer Console A Young Fan Starstruck To The Point Of Tears

If you’re going to get emotional in front of a star, Federer’s a good one to pick.

Roger Federer might be making his long awaited post-injury comeback this week at the Hopman Cup in Australia, but it’s clear from the impression he made on one fan that he’s still got a lot of goodwill left in the tank.

During a pre-match event to see who would serve first, 10-year-old Lily had the opportunity to stand beside the Swiss tennis legend and...well, she didn’t do a great job of hiding her admiration.

Federer is his usual charming self as he not only consoles the girl by giving her a hug but then chats her up for a few minutes before getting her to call the coin flip on his behalf. She calls heads and….

Well, let’s just say that this episode ends with some relief, high fives, and smiles.

Meeting your idols is intimidating in the best of circumstances; having to do it mid-court in front of thousands is even more so. Fortunately, Roger Federer is the type of guy that will make sure you get through it as gracefully and comfortably as you could ever hope to.

He’s also goofy enough to play the air bongo on a fan came all for the sake of a little low-brow entertainment: