Lindsey Vonn’s Video Shows She Has No Problem Doing Pull-Ups With A Broken Arm

When she said she was returning to the slopes “as soon as possible,” she wasn’t kidding.

If you’re a sports fan, you probably don’t need much in the way of a reminder that athletes are close to machines when it comes to training. But in the off chance you forgot, this unbelievable Lindsey Vonn video should remind you in a hurry.

Just three weeks ago, Vonn suffered a “severe” broken arm while training at Copper Mountain in Colorado. The word “severe” can mean different things to different people, but Vonn’s post to Instagram just hours after it happened likely got everyone on the same page:

To reiterate: Those images were taken three weeks ago.

Today, a video of Vonn is circulating that shows her doing pull-ups (aided by a resistance band) with her broken arm. I don’t know if I would say she makes the drill look “effortless,” but it looks like she’s pretty far from maxing out as she completes these.

Take a look here:

Oh, and you’ll notice on the date stamp that this video was actually made...a week ago. I don’t know what the standard, non-Lindsey Vonn recovery time is for a broken arm, but I’m guessing most people aren’t doing pull-ups with one after only two weeks.

Remarkably, she’s looking at returning to competition as soon as January:

That recovery timeline might even be more impressive than those pull-ups.