Injured Eagles QB Carson Wentz Sent A Selfless Message To His Replacement Before The Super Bowl

Facing a bittersweet scenario, the injured quarterback was all class in wishing his replacement the best.

As if his season-ending ACL injury weren’t disheartening enough, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz faced the bittersweet reality of watching his replacement, Nick Foles, usher his team through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. Knowing that this unlikely run by the journeyman backup could threaten his tenure with the team, Wentz nonetheless shared a heartfelt message of hope and gratitude to Foles just ahead of the 2018 Super Bowl.

In a message on Instagram the morning of the Feb. 4 game, Wentz, certainly wrestling with emotions, sent a message of unmitigated positivity that ended with the team’s famed call to action “Fly, Eagles, fly.” The message a photo that featured the two QBs side by side during a game.

At the Super Bowl, Foles continued his streak of world-class play to lead the underdog Eagles over the Patriots juggernaut for their first Super Bowl in team history. The questions surrounding the Wentz or Foles QB controversy will likely escalate in the offseason, but any questions regarding Wentz’s disposition as a leader, even in his second year in the league, are likely put to rest following the grace and selflessness he’s demonstrated.