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8-year-old's wholesome to-do list is giving life goals to even adults: 'It’s brilliant'

An 8-year-old saw his grandma make a to-do list and made an adorable one for himself to follow.

8-year-old's wholesome to-do list is giving life goals to even adults: 'It’s brilliant'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring; Reddit | u/Bethesloth

So, a ton of folks swear that to-do lists are their secret weapon for getting stuff done. But here’s the catch—if it’s not done right, it can totally stress you out. Now, if you’re on the hunt for the ultimate to-do list hack, you’ve gotta check out what this 8-year-old kid did. His to-do list is being called one of the coolest things on the internet. A Reddit user (u/Bethesloth) posted their nephew's to-do list with the caption, "My 8-year-old nephew made a to-do list after watching my mother make one and it’s brilliant." The to-do list also shows that the kid has all his work and emotional priorities straight and will be going a long way. 

The list had things like, "Be weird, Play with dad, Pet Cash, Feed Cash and Let Cash out." It also had other things like reading, playing loud librarians, ordering games, being helpful to daddy, being content, learning and going to Goodwill. Some things on the list were brilliant, some adorable, some personal. In a way, it is a perfect pattern to create a to-do list even for an adult. People in the comments agree with that and couldn't stop gushing over how thoughtful and thorough the child is. Some adults also wished that they could add "be weird" and "be content" on their lists and stick to it. Other people also wanted to know more about things that weren't super obvious on the list. 

Image source: Reddit | @Bethesloth
Image source: Reddit | @Bethesloth

A Reddit user @SecretSharkboy commented, "'You gotta flaunt the weird' - Alex Fierro." Another user @PsycheDaleicStardust replied to the comment and wrote, "Was about to comment the same thing. And to add, “go to good will” sounds like the kid is inclined to always have the best intentions in mind. If “Will” isn’t their good neighbor. Others might say it’s just the naivete of the child. But this becomes their core as they grow up. To combat the negativities in life. Like the sad adults now. Being weird and content are good qualities to stay afloat." Indeed being weird and owning up to it is a skill that can make a lot of our lives easier. 

Another person @Hot_Hat_1225 had a funny take and commented, "My cash always lets itself out…" Another user @KeepCalmSayRightOn replied to the comment and wrote, "I can't tell if it's a dog named Cash or if this child is overly fascinated with his monies. Based on the first item on the list, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter." Another person @NotWell420 was interested in knowing about the game the kid had listed, "What are the rules for playing Loud Librarians? Asking for a friend." Another person shared that it was an exploding kittens game. The person was excited to know that it was an actual game and that they could play it. It is wonderful how so many people could take away bits and parts from a child's to-do list. 

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