Indonesia Teaches Their Children To Walk Using This Brilliantly Simple Approach

Their children learn to walk earlier using this wonderfully low-tech approach

You needn’t be a parent to know that the baby industry is booming in the United States and other developed nations. Parents are often so concerned with what’s newest, most high-tech, or priciest that they’ll often gloss over the item that just works the best.

So before you go reaching for a walker, a jolly jumper, or some sort of Fisher-Price robotic exoskeleton, you might want to consider just using two sticks to teach your kid to walk.

It’s not likely to impress any other new parents on your block...until they realize that your kid is walking around at a younger age than the other kids.

It’s how they do it in Indonesia, and as you can see below, it doesn’t take long for the kid to get the hang of it. It also looks like everyone’s having a lot of fun in the process.

If that’s not enticing enough, those appear to be bamboo sticks, so if you’re hoping to maintain a sense of smugness about this technique, you can tell everyone that it’s more sustainable than what everyone else is using.