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Pregnant Woman Hilariously Awards A Trophy To The First Subway Rider To Offer Up His Seat

The act, while humorous, underscores a discouraging trend during her pregnancy

A cynic may witness this woman’s actions and let fly the familiar utterance that “chivalry is dead,” but others might take stock of this pregnant woman’s hilarious act and suggest that she’s trying to bring it back through the power of positive reinforcement.

Yvonne Lin is on her second pregnancy and, during all her time riding the subway, had not once encountered a man willing to part with his seat for the sake of her comfort—though several women had made the concession. Kinda messed up, right?

Well, rather than become embittered, Yvonne got creative.

During the first pregnancy, she actually carried with her a small thank-you card that she, heartbreakingly, never had to opportunity to give to a man. Undiscouraged, she raised the bounty the second time around, this time carrying with her a small trophy with an inscription.

She said to DNA Info, “I was getting no seats from men. If I finally get a seat from a guy then I have to celebrate this some way and make sure he knows he’s appreciated.”

Thus was born the custom-engraved Hulk statue.

Fortunately, this time around, the statue got to see some action. Eight months into her pregnancy (a photo finish!), a father of two, name unknown, did the decent thing and surrendered his seat.

She commemorated the event with an Instagram post featuring a picture of the lucky winner.

The inscription read:

First Man to Offer Subway Seat
to Pregnant Woman
throughout Two Pregnancies.

This story serves as a strange mix of heartening and disheartening news, albeit cloaked in a good-natured narrative, though it is a shame that Yvonne had to endure 17 combined months of pregnancy and daily commutes before being offered a damn seat on the train.

It merits noting that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has adopted a formal marketing effort known as Courtesy Counts, suggesting and reminding able-bodied men and women alike to part with their seats for the sake of the pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled. It might not be catching on as quickly as we would like, but at least this award-winner gives us a glimmer of hope.

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