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Target's New Breastfeeding Stations Are Looking Like A Gamechanger For Shoppers With Kids

The stores clearly took into account a nursing mom’s needs when they designed these

Target’s put a lot of effort into letting parents know their children are welcome in their stores. Not only do they have ergonomic shopping carts that accommodate toddlers, but the charities the retailer aligns with (UNICEF, Toms, library-based causes) all work to improve the lives of kids in the United States and abroad.

But even the chain's most loyal, familiar shoppers were shocked to see how far Target had gone to accommodate nursing mothers in its stores. When news broke that Target would be putting breastfeeding stations into its floor plans, many felt they would occupy some underutilized closet or dark corner, so as not to “offend” other shoppers or cannibalize more valuable display space in the store.

Well, a photo of this “nursing nook” from New Braunfels, Texas, has been making the rounds, and it’s clear that Target didn’t resort to half measures.

As Target competed with Walmart and Kmart for the hearts and minds of customers, many expressed their preference for Target because the stores have a “warmer” feel. Spot lighting, an absence of fluorescents, and carefully stylized displays made customers feel more comfortable and welcome than at other big-box outlets. It’s clear that Target has taken the approach with this breastfeeding station as well, offering not one, but two seats, several pillows, and a throw should a mother want to cover up while feeding her child.

In response to that post, a photo of a station in another store was shared, and it’s clear that it’s guided by the same design principles as the New Braunfels location.

Considering mothers are most often the purchasers of most of a family's goods, it's clear that the steps Target has taken to win over nursing moms isn't just one in the name of decency, but a savvy business move as well.

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