9 Stories of Good Aid 9 Stories of Good Aid
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9 Stories of Good Aid

by Jessica Rivera

December 14, 2013

There are many reasons governments give and receive international aid. Due to everything from natural disasters to civil strife, more than $5 trillion in aid has circulated in the last 50 years between governments. After receiving this crucial support, countries have been able to eradicate diseases, distribute food and goods, establish mass vaccination programs and save lives.

The United States was once the largest recipient of foreign aid, following the Revolutionary War. French aid of money, armaments, and manpower proved vital in the victory of the Americans seeking independence from Britain. Just as the U.S. was once a receiver, its flow has changed to supply aid to countries around the globe. Now, this same shift in the flow of aid is happening in more countries.

Take a look at the interactive infographic above to see 9 other noteworthy exchanges of aid.

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9 Stories of Good Aid