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A Russian Photo Studio Is Helping Instagrammers Look Far Wealthier Than They Actually Are

How much would you pay to look like a jet-setter on Instagram?

A quick scroll through any Instagram feed will show that many users of the photosharing site leverage the platform as an opportunity to show off their best life. Snapping meals, picturesque hikes, and vacation photos all serve as de rigueur practice for Instagrammers everywhere. While showcasing only the most glamorous, picturesque moments provides a fairly skewed sample of the moments of human existence (no one snaps pics looking angry while waiting for the cable guy to show up), it’s not dishonest in that these things did actually occur.

However, a Russian photo studio is taking it a step further for those who don’t wish to showcase their best life on Instagram — but rather, a life that’s out of reach.

Recently, The Telegraph profiled a Russian firm called Private Jet Studio that allows people to get a few pics looking like run-of-the-mill billionaires aboard an empty grounded, but luxurious, private jet. Using a Gulfstream G650, the firm attracts aspirational clients looking for the perfect “private plane photoshoot.” Though the luxurious setting is entirely contrived, the prices are not. Two hours on set will run a person about $243. Video costs $434, and longer rentals are available as well.

Provided props include a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne along with a plate of sensible, high-class food.

However, the real selling point might be the ability to recreate the iconic “stepping aboard the private plane” shot that’s been made a trope by music videos and films.

Here’s one such image that no doubt sparked jealousy among supermodel Bella Hadid’s followers.

As the perceived pressures of social media get to users, they’re beginning to find value in something that many of us would write off as completely ridiculous. Sure, your friend might know that you’re not living a jet-setting lifestyle, but they’re clearly not the ones Private Jet Studio’s clients are trying to impress.

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