Jimmy Kimmel's Pitch For A 'Trump Translator' On Twitter Is Actually Kind Of Brilliant

The results offer something quite different from what we’re all used to.

Since Jimmy Kimmel vocalized his stance on the Republicans’ failed efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he’s continued to serve as an open and honest voice in America’s political climate, regularly including political and social discourse in his ABC program “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Recently, the host took Trump to task for his ability to completely disregard truth and even his own cabinets’ accounts of affairs in his Twitter missives.

Suggesting that there has to be an effective way to convert Trump’s online statements into something more reflective of reality, Kimmel proposed using a simple “search and replace” approach to parsing Trump’s tweets to ascertain the truth.

Seeking out two of the president’s favorite buzzwords, “dishonest” and “fake,” the effort replaces them with “honest” and “true,” respectively.

The results offer something a little more in line with the reality of the world, as he shows in this video (the “translation” begins at about 1:24):

As you can see in the screenshots below, the new and improved tweets aren’t just more grounded in reality, but they’re also refreshingly positive.

Image from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”/YouTube.

Image from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”/YouTube.

Kimmel, so heartened by the results of the swapped verbiage, suggests there should be an app for this. Well ... either an app or a different president sending out the tweets in the first place.