Photographer Deconstructs Processed Foods Down to Their Chemical Components

The cheese in your Dorito is made from combining 10 flavors and chemicals.

In their new book, Ingredients, photographer Dwight Eschliman and author Steve Ettlinger present a peek behind the matrix for an unfiltered glimpse at the real ingredients that processed foods are cooked manufactured with. By deconstructing popular foods such as Cool Ranch Doritos, Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Soup, and McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and showing their basic chemical building blocks, readers get a clear look at what they’re really ingesting.

Contrary to what you might think, Ingredients isn’t a harsh indictment of the processed food industry, but will prompt readers to re-evaluate their diets. “The real debate,” said Ettlinger, “concerns whether a diet filled with highly processed foods is as likely to be as good for you as one that minimizes them, and whether a food and agriculture system that relies extensively on artificial food ingredients, petroleum, and corporate, monoculture farming is sustainable and a good political and environmental policy.”

(H/T Vox)

Ingredients is available at Amazon.