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Did You Catch This Mets Pitcher On ‘Game Of Thrones’?

His nickname’s “Thor,” which means he fit right in on the show.

In April, towering Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard teased that he would be appearing on “Game of Thrones” at some point this season. When Sunday’s episode aired, the wait was over, but if Syndergaard’s appearance came and went without notice, you’re not alone. The pitcher — known by many as Thor due to his stature, long hair, and Nordic features — appeared amid the hectic Dothraki-Lannister battle scene, spear in hand, partially obscured by a helmet.

In a not-so-subtle nod to Syndergaard’s day job, his unnamed character let fly a spear over the heads of the dueling armies, landing his throw squarely in the chest of … a horse? The toss managed to halt the advances of the horse’s Dothraki rider, but any celebration would be short-lived, as Syndergaard’s Lannister soldier quickly met a fiery end at the hand of a fire-breathing dragon.

Syndergaard took to social media to both celebrate his aim and explain (somewhat) his defeat at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen and company.

Syndergaard’s been sidelined from pitching since late April, so you can’t blame him for taking pride in another type of performance while he continues to rehab a shoulder injury.

Unlike pop star Ed Sheeran after his awkward cameo in episode one, Syndergaard has garnered positive reviews of his brief-but-fitting performance.

It’s a good thing he got the performance right the first time because barring some serious burn treatment, there’s no second act for him or the many other Lannister soldiers who had the misfortune of fighting below Drogon, the fire-breathing dragon.

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