Watch People React To Being Called Beautiful

Student conducts this art project-turned-social experiment that ends in tears.

How would you react if a stranger came up to you and called you beautiful? And then maybe asked to take your picture?

Shea Glover is a writer, actress, and student at a performing arts high school in Chicago. She decided to conduct an independent art project, which ultimately turned into a social experiment on the idea of beauty.

Stopping to ask her classmates if she could take a picture of what she deemed “beautiful,” she got a variety of responses, ranging from flattered, to joyful, to downright offended and incredulous.

Take a look:

If the old adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” rings true, then why are the majority of these subjects so taken aback with being called beautiful? Maybe we need to expand our collective ideals of “beauty” so that calling something beautiful doesn’t seem completely far-fetched— or, I don’t know, maybe love ourselves more. You know what? You’re beautiful.

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