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This Burger, Inspired By Trump’s Alleged Sexual Fetish, Is Helping Raise Funds For Planned Parenthood

It comes topped with a tiny pickle

In what might be an instance of good intentions paired with questionable execution, a restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland proved to be quick on the draw with their introduction of the “Golden Showers’ burger (Yup. It’s plural for some reason.). At any other time in our nation’s existence this would be met with little more than eye rolls and gagging, but thanks to the unsubstantiated, yet widely discussed, dossier on Donald Trump’s supposed activities in a Russian hotel room, the Community Diner is just capturing the zeitgeist with this colorfully named creation.

If you think $20 is a steep price to pay for something that conjures up images of Donald Trump and urine, perhaps the fact that $5 from each sale will go to Planned Parenthood.

The burger is the product of a collaboration of the Community Diner’s ownership and food writer Nevin Martell. I’m not sure that something like this really requires more than one mind to dream up, but since it’s benefitting a good cause, I suppose we can let it slide. Martell says, “The thought that we could have fun with it and have the money go to a good cause was a win-win.”

The creation, pictured in its yellow-hued glory below is “drenched with self-tanning cheddar and yellow mustard leaking down the sides, and topped with a very small pickle.”

Nevin Martell

It’s available for one day only, January 11th, so not only does this thing exist, but there might actually be a hoard of people lining up to drop $20 on it.

Strange times, indeed.

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