A Simple Photo Of Lemons Is Going Viral To Educate Women On Breast Cancer Symptoms

The strange connection has saved lives, many women explain on social media.

While much is made of global strategic efforts to eradicate breast cancer, until a cure is found, the first and last line of treatment will be people knowing what to look for on their own bodies.

Recently, an attempt at education has come in a bizarrely memorable form – a photo of twelve lemons.


it may seem like an unlikely tool in the worldwide fight against cancer, but Facebook user Erin Smith Chieze created a post that served as a testament to its unexpected efficacy:

Thanks to this post and others like it, the source of this photo, Worldwide Breast Cancer, has seen a tremendous uptick in traffic and donations. (So much traffic, in fact, that their site was unresponsive as of this article’s publication.)

The popularity of this photo makes for a nice story, but what’s most important is the message behind it. As you can see, each of the 12 lemons represents a different physical manifestation of breast cancer. The information is vital and the cause is charitable, so there’s no reason not study this photo, put into practice detection tools, and share it with anyone whom it could help.