Paul Farmer and Partners in Health Build a New Rwandan Hospital

New Hospital opens this week in Rural Rwanda.

Rwanda's new Butaro District Hospital in rural Burera is set to open this week after years in construction. The new 150 bed Butaro District Hospital is a combined effort of Partners in Health, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Rwandan government.

The Partners in Health website describes the significance of the hospital to the people of Burera:

Four years ago, there was not a single doctor to serve the 400,000 people of a northern district of Rwanda. Yet, this month, the rural Burera district will see the opening of not only its first hospital, but also one that has been described as possibly the best hospital in central Africa.

PIH founder Paul Farmer sees the Butaro District Hospital as an example of how to achieve a modern hospital in rural Africa that can deliver world-class medical care.

In the YouTube video (below) Farmer says that Rwandan's are both startled and skeptical about the hospital and ask if it's a hotel resort for foreigners: