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Study Shows That 30 Million People Will Lose Healthcare If Obamacare Is Repealed

Trump wants to repeal it next year, but there’s no replacement plan in sight.

via Twitter

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, in 2010, the Republican Party has vowed to “repeal and replace” the law. With Republican president-elect Donald Trump taking office in January, Congress is set to repeal the ACA in 2017 although, so far, no replacement plan has materialized.

According to a study by the nonpartisan Urban Institute, if the ACA is struck down, 22.5 million will lose their healthcare subsidies and become uninsured while an additional 7.3 million will lose coverage because of market upheavals. By 2019, over 59 million Americans will have no health coverage, and America’s uninsured rate will be higher than before the ACA was passed.

Recently, president-elect Trump said that his replacement plan will keep popular provisions in the ACA such as eliminating pre-existing conditions and allowing parents to keep their children on their health care plans until age 26. But he will eliminate unpopular provisions such as the individual healthcare mandate. The big problem is that the unpopular parts of the bill are in place to make the popular provisions economically feasible. Which is why the GOP has had six years to come up with a suitable replacement plan and nothing has materialized.

Today, when Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander tweeted about the devastating impact that repealing the ACA will have on America, people shared how their lives will be affected.

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