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GOODFest Love In LA

DAWN with The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble featuring Bilal, Jimmy LaValle (of The Album Leaf), and more playing in support of the Southern Poverty Law Center

They say that love conquers all things. That with an open mind, and an open heart we can change the world. After an intimate evening of performances with some of the world’s most passionate, innovative, and talented performers, I’m starting to believe it too.

The Theatre at Ace Hotel illuminated DTLA on a rainy December night for GOODFest Love by GOOD, presented by Pixel, a phone by Google. As excited GOODFest-goers shuffled out of the rain into the 2,300 square foot grand lobby, an ornate open balcony with a vaulted ceiling comprised of thousands of tiny mirrors glimmering with hope greeted us. As we made our way to the bar for libations, we had a blast taking photos with the Pixel that we were lent for the night; it was an awesome opportunity to check out the tech behind the event. The lowlight on the Pixel camera is incredible. It adapted to whatever lighting was in the room effortlessly and seamlessly, which came in handy in the gothic lighting of the Ace. It captured every moment beautifully.

After we were seated, the lights inside of the theatre began to dim. The crowd began to cheer with the anticipation of a vivid, electrifying show. As the graceful Hannah Simone approached the mic as the host of GOODFest Love, we knew we were all in for a treat. The evening was filled with powerful and thought-provoking performances by the beat-boxing, guitar-playing Butterscotch, the innovative and beautiful D?WN, and the singing sensation Bilal, who has a voice and a stage presence that brought the entire audience to their feet. The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble provided epic live music for the night.

These artists, speakers, performers, and activists opened their hearts, and gave honest and moving performances that embodied what GOODFest LA is about — Love. Being in a such an intimate space with so many amazing people, I am now definitely a believer that love will change the world. And with GOODFest at the helm of this undertaking, I am buckled in for the ride.

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