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Mexican Ad School Mocks Trump With A Brilliant Lego Advertisement

“Build greater things.”

A new print ad for Lego created by Xavi España, a student at the Mexican ad school Simulador de Vuelo, has a powerful message for the Donald Trump administration. It shows a Lego bridge built over the wall proposed by Trump at the U.S.-Mexico border.


Although the artistic value of advertising is often dismissed, España’s work is a rare example of advertising with a message that extends beyond commerce. The piece symbolizes how physical structures are easily overcome by the human heart and creativity. Authoritarians can build walls, but they ultimately do nothing to squash the human spirit.

The ad also takes a dig at Trump’s rallying cry to “Make America great again” by etching the slogan “Build greater things” on his proposed wall.

The ad also illustrates a practical point: Walls can easily be circumvented. While Republicans are looking at the ground to build a wall to stop illegal immigration, the majority of undocumented people in the U.S. arrive through the air. According to a paper published this year by the the Center for Migration Studies, nearly 60% of new undocumented immigrants are believed to have entered legally through a visa program and then overstayed.

If Trump wants to stop people who cross the border by commercial airliner, he’s going to have to build a wall that’s a lot taller.

Correction 9/11/2017: This story was updated to identify that the ad was made by a student at Simulador de Vuelo, which is not an ad agency, but a creative advertising school, or escuela de creativos publicitarios.

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