SNL’s ‘Neil DeGrasse Tyson’ Will Celebrate The Eclipse In A Most Unusual Way

Residents of Clayton, Georgia might want to shield their eyes for more reasons than one.

With the way the past week has gone, there’s little doubt that many of us would prefer to turn our heads upward and stare at the sun for a while. Lucky for us, there happens to be an eclipse headed our way.

Naturally, astrophysicist and champion of all things scientific Neil deGrasse Tyson is gearing up for Monday’s phenomenon like it’s the Super Bowl — or, at least, his “Saturday Night Live” portrayal is. Last night, the wide-eyed Kenan Thompson took to the “Weekend Update” desk in character to share NDT’s plans for the big event. That he was going to enjoy the eclipse comes as no surprise. Exactly how he plans on doing so is a different story altogether.

He’ll surround himself with items that derive their power from the sun, such as solar batteries, solar calculators, and solar … raisins?

Man, he sure is excited about this eclipse. As “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost learns, if you don’t quite share NDT’s enthusiasm, you might want to keep it to yourself because this astrophysicist has no time for casual eclipse fans.

If you’re curious about how the real NDT feels about the eclipse, well, he’s pretty much as fired up as Thompson’s take would suggest.

Go big or go home. It’s the biggest solar eclipse in 100 years, so you better act like it.