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Rick Perry Fumbled The Most Basic Rule Of Economics During His ‘Lesson’ On A Coal Plant Visit

If he messed this up, then … wow.

Many citizens have their well-founded reservations about Rick Perry and his current station as the United States Secretary of Energy, but in a speech at a West Virginia coal plant, he proved the situation could be worse.

He could be involved in economics.

Of course, the Department of Energy is certainly tied and tethered to economic policy in myriad ways, so there’s no doubt that Rick Perry is regrettably more influential in economic policy than many would prefer, but after this statement, we should be thanking our lucky stars that the man didn’t finagle his way onto the Federal Reserve board.

Speaking to the press and present miners, Perry offered up this little nugget of economic wisdom:

Anyone who has witnessed a business open and close — which is to say, everyone — knows very well that’s not how supply and demand work. The only instance in which this philosophy has been proven was in the tear-jerking baseball film Field of Dreams.

It worked out well enough for Kevin Costner’s character, but those stakes were significantly lower than those surrounding clean energy policy in the United States. However, if we’ve learned anything in the past six months, it’s that the Trump administration won’t let troublesome issues like “truth” or “facts” stand in the way of a good narrative for their ambitions.

Because if Perry’s assertion is correct, why does this guy still have a surplus of dirty socks?

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