Seth Rogen's Mom Couldn't Get In Touch With Her Son, So Twitter’s Corporate Account Boosted Her Message In A Big Way

This is why you always call your parents back.

In case one needs another reminder of the perks of being a celebrity, look no further than the saga of Seth Rogen’s mother trying to get her son to call her back. On Monday, the comedic actor’s mother, Sandy Rogen, was unable to get her son on the phone, so she used Twitter to contact him in a very public way.

Given the number of people that “@” Seth Rogen on Twitter, coupled with Sandy’s lack of fame, few people took notice of a (possibly concerned) mom trying to contact her son. However, the folks at Twitter noticed the interaction and were quick to offer a pretty powerful signal boost to Sandy Rogen’s message.

Even the painfully cynical Twittersphere had to appreciate the plight, however sincere, of a mom looking for her boy.

Meanwhile, Seth was doing just fine, sharing with the world that even A-list comedic actors have to deal with being hounded by their moms after failing to return a call.

One can only assume from this message that Sandy and Seth were able to connect since the conversation between the two of them and the Twitter corporate account didn’t advance further, but you have to appreciate a chorus of strangers instructing someone to call his mom back.