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When Kids Came To The Oval Office Trick-Or-Treating, Donald Trump Managed To Offend Everyone In The Room

Trump also insulted the reporters who brought their children to the event.

Donald Trump found an innovative new way to torment the media at a recent White House event that allowed reporters’ children to enter the Oval Office and meet the president, all while getting free candy in the process. Trump not only managed to offer up frequent tasteless barbs directed at the parents of the children invited, but he also managed to comment on the children’s weight.

Turning on his best representation of charm for the cameras, President Trump handed out candy to the costumed kids in attendance, asking as he passed around the sweets, “You have no weight problems. That's the good news, right?”

He continued his display of generosity, adding, “So, you take out whatever you need, okay? If you want some for your friends, take ‘em. We have plenty.”

Remarkably, that comment may not have been the most tasteless or ill-advised of the event. Upon meeting the children, whom he knew to be the kids of White House reporters, he joked, “I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children. How the media did this, I don’t know.”

He subsequently asked a child in attendance, “Oh, you gonna grow up to be like your parents? Mmm. Don’t answer. That can only get me in trouble, that question.”

While the children were fortunately too young to pick up on Trump’s barbs and lack of social graces, their parents, many of whom were in attendance, no doubt found the experience to be bittersweet. Their children, after all, got to meet the president in the Oval Office. On the other hand, it was THIS president.

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