A Citizen-Led Civic Intervention in Detroit

Pictures from Detroit Civic Intervention, a 48-hour, all-hands-on-deck workshop to renew a local landmark.

Last month a group of citizens including at least one paramedic, two artists, three architects, seven small business owners, and a mechanical engineer came together to do what so many of us spend a lot of time (and conference fees) talking about: create real impact. Spearheaded by Chattanooga based nonprofit Create Here, Detroit Civic Intervention* brought together urban thinkers and doers from around the United States and from within the host city for a 48-hour, all-hands-on-deck workshop.

The group's efforts resulted in (among other things) a renewed sense of place for local landmark Roosevelt Park and 450 freshly planted tulips. "We've been to a lot of gatherings that have been show-and-tell versus show-and-do," says Create Here co-founder Josh McManus. "Detroit Civic Intervention was different. It served as a reminder that the best ideas come about when we have a lot of horsepower in one place with people actually doing something. Much is broken, but with a little help with some friends, much more is possible."

*GOOD is a proud partner of Detroit Civic Intervention