GOOD Pictures: Charlie Engman's Surreal Sketchbook GOOD Pictures: Charlie Engman's Surreal Sketchbook
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GOOD Pictures: Charlie Engman's Surreal Sketchbook

by GOOD Pictures Charlie Engman

May 16, 2012
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GOOD Pictures features work by a new photographer each week, with a focus on up-and-coming artists. It is curated by Stephanie Gonot and Jennifer Mizgata

I see Charlie Engman not just as a photographer, but as a mad scientist who uses photography to explore color, shape and our perception of space. Charlie's work is vibrant and surprising, which may be a product of his interest in things other than photography. "I have always had a graphic and poetic—as opposed to historic or referential—interest in art and photography," he told the British Journal of Photography last year. "So in order to create successful images, I feel that I need to have an understanding of 'non art,' life that ostensibly operates outside of art’s canonized boundaries.”

Charlie uses his ever-inspiring blog, or "digital sketchbook," as a place to display his photography and visual experiments, seamlessly blending together personal and commercial work. You can find these images plus many more "small ideas, references, and works" on the blog, or you can view specific categories of work on his website

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GOOD Pictures: Charlie Engman's Surreal Sketchbook