Make Your Loved Ones Laugh (or Cry) with These Bizarre Prank Gift Boxes

Your gift may suck, but at least they’ll be laughing.

Giving a gift to a loved one can evoke many emotions, but there’s one in particular that’s usually lacking during this season of giving: awkward confusion. Whether you’ve found the perfect present or not, if you put it into one of 30Watt’s Prank Packs you can guarantee that the recipient will either be amused, weirded out, or just plain terrified. They are gift boxes designed to look like they contain hilariously bizarre (and totally fake) products, no matter what gift you may have actually put inside. The fun comes when the recipient feigns happiness when they think you actually just gave them a “Motorized Rolling Pin” or a “Beer Beard.”

The company was started by Ryan Walther, one of the first partners at The Onion. Along with several other alums from the satirical publication, their goal is to bring legitimately funny products to a market saturated by brands like Hallmark that are not necessarily known for their cutting-edge humor.

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