ESPN Host Calls Out Salvation Army For Lack Of ‘Subtlety’, Then The Charity Strikes Back

Calling out a charity on their fundraising tactics is a recipe for disaster.

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys won a game with huge playoff implications against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the big story on Monday morning wasn’t the final score (26-20, Cowboys), but rather the ingenious touchdown celebration by Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. After finding his way to the end zone, Elliott, ignoring a league mandate against celebrations (or on-field fun of any kind), jumped into a giant replica Salvation Army bucket.

Here’s the play in question, followed by the cute celebration:

The aftermath led to the inevitable 15-yard “excessive celebration” penalty, but it also led to the awesome hashtag #feedzeke, crafted by the NFL itself. And the Salvation Army, knowing an opportunity when they see one, shot out a tweet reminding people to donate to their cause:

Then, ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell, known for his “colorful” takes on the sports world, sorta chastised the Salvation Army for...well, trying to raise money:

Of course, most people thought the same thing in response to Rovell’s tweet, but before too much outrage and snark could be mustered by the internet, the Salvation Army responded with the last word on the matter:

That’s...hard to argue with.

But because this is Darren Rovell, that wasn’t the last word. His response managed to be both magnanimous and a little condescending at the same time:

Translated: “Way to call me out on my dumb statement. Kudos. That was a test. You passed.”

Anyway, regardless of how Darren Rovell feels about the subtlety of fundraising efforts, there are many in need this winter, so donate to whatever charity your heart desires.