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Man shared heartbreaking story of losing touch with best friend and the internet helped them reunite

Somto Ihezue was heartbroken when he got separated from his best friend after changing schools, so much that he missed him even after years.

Man shared heartbreaking story of losing touch with best friend and the internet helped them reunite
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels \ Roman Odintsov

When Somto Ihezue (@somoto_ihezue) took to X to express how he was heartbroken that he was no longer in touch with his friend, he did not expect the overwhelming response he got. The platform worked its magic and the search for Ihezue's long-lost friend began. He wrote, "When I was 7, my mum took me to a new school without prior notice, and I was admitted on the spot. My best friend from my old school snuck into the new school to find me, and I pretended like I didn't know him. He left heartbroken, and I never saw him again. Daniel, I'm so sorry."


He continued his story in the comments and wrote, "I think about this almost every day." He also explained that he doesn't remember why he ignored his friend that day. It could be his introversion, his sadness, or his non-confrontational nature. However, it seems that he was mostly overwhelmed by the new developments in his life. He shared a fond memory he had with his friend and wrote, "I remember we used to go sliding down a massive erosion site in our neighborhood, and our white uniforms would turn super brown with dirt. It was the most dangerous thing, but we did it anyway." Funnily enough, that was why his mom sent him to a new school. She wanted her kid to go to a school, that didn't allow kids to loiter and play on dangerous erosion sites. He animatedly added, "In another life, we’d have run away together, drank Fanta every day, and slid down all the steep erosion gullies we want. And we’d be primless, unkempt, and infinite."


Now as Ihezue shared more details of the story people hilariously marked him as the villain and thought he was rude to break his friend's heart like that. The writer shared that he was just a kid, unaware of these things and pointed out his mom's role in their separation. Nonetheless, through the X thread, he was able to find his old friend Daniel on Facebook and he messaged him. He also shared that his he was now a pharmacist. The friend replied to him soon enough and told Ihezue that he still remembered him. At this point, one would think the story couldn't get any more precious. But then Ihezue shared, "I remember once in English class, we were told to write an essay about our best friend, and we wrote about each other." The friends ended up having a conversation that the fiction writer shared.


They cleared the air and the friend seemed to find it funny that he was a part of the reason his friend had to leave the school. Ihezue further shared that his friend eventually changed schools and came to his new school. They could have become classmates again but he had already gone to boarding school. X user @ScholasticaOla wrote "I am invested in this story. Finally, something to take me away from finding Kate." Another user @elocinita wrote, "I have mistakes like this that I dwell on too. Once as a kid I tore my brother’s drawing of an airplane and it still makes me cry thinking of the face he made when I did it. I asked him about it in adulthood and he didn’t even remember." Several people were touched that the friends could get in touch once again. 


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