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Two Men In Monaco Politely Ask Billionaire Strangers For Permission To Board Their Megayachts

The lesson, as always: When all else fails, be polite

Many of us will never live the opulent life of billionaires. We may visit Monaco one day, but it will likely be via a train or rental car rather than a $200 million megayacht gracing the coast. Not only does that lifestyle elude 99% of the world’s population, but even the experience of stepping onto one of these monuments to decadence is well outside our reach.

Some poor souls spend their entire lives aspiring to run in these uber-wealthy circles, but these resourceful young men sought a more direct method: simply asking the owners if they may come aboard. The stars of the video, charming as they are, approach the owners under no false pretenses, finding that the wealthy aren’t willing to take others along to enjoy the spoils of their fortunes.

Their efforts are met with many coy smiles, then denial. Interestingly, the common refrain from the Spanish, Italian, and British owners is not “No, you cannot,” but rather “That’s not possible.” It’s an interesting way of framing a denial that seems to permeate the European elite more so than the American archetypes of wealth. It’s as though the decision to let strangers on a boat is even out of the owners’ hands, making the rejection slightly more palatable.

As we all know, the road to success, in any pursuit, is paved with failure and obstacles, but if you persist, you might just find success. Especially if that success is as modest as finding yourself on a boat for just a few minutes.

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