Sportswriter Michael Cohen Would Like You To Know That The FBI Isn’t After Him

His freedom and privacy at home are not in jeopardy, thank you very much.

Emotions tend to run high over political matters, so it’s not too surprising that Twitter users don’t always take the time to investigate Twitter handles before firing off comments when national scandals arise.

Sportswriter Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reminded Twitter of that fact in response to the recent fanfare surrounding an FBI raid of Donald Trump’s attorney — also named Michael Cohen. The FBI raided both the New York office and hotel room of the president’s personal attorney over matters including the payment of money to Stormy Daniels over an alleged affair with Trump.

Apparently, the journalist saw no need for context — his name alone seemed to be enough — as he fired off this message to his followers and those who (presumably) reached out to him over the matter.

In doing so, he was treated to an unexpected, but likely not unwelcome, show of empathy from user Lauren Ingram, whose name is similar enough for angry Tweeters to mistake for Fox News talking head and “Shut up and dribble” evangelist Laura Ingraham.

Sportswriter Michael Cohen may be in the early stages of his own social media hell, but he’s quick to spot an ally when he sees one.

It will be interesting to see how many of his new followers stay when they’re treated to Milwaukee-area sports news rather than pro-Trump rhetoric.