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Trump is reportedly 'frustrated,' wants to leave the White House, and everyone's making the same joke

Everyone is feeling cooped up, Mr. President.

Trump is reportedly 'frustrated,' wants to leave the White House, and everyone's making the same joke
The White House / Flickr

Most Americans are feeling pretty cooped up right now. The quarantine has been going on for about a month. Everybody wants to get out, see their friends, go to a restaurant or a movie. The president of the United States feels the same way.

A new report by NBC News says that President Trump's aides are working on ways for the president to get out of the White House. His first foray into public since early March may be a visit with first-responders or healthcare workers.

But they have to be cautious because Americans may follow the president's example by going out, further extending pandemic.

White House officials say that the week of May 4 could be the right time to let the president get out and stretch his legs a bit as long as it's in a "safe and responsible way."

"Like many Americans, the president is looking to travel when it is safe to do so," one senior administration official said. "He's certainly frustrated that he's stuck and wants to get things back to normal," a former official said.

When the news of Trump's eagerness to leave the White House hit Twitter, there were a lot of people clamoring for his exit, not just for a quick trip, but permanently.

The number of Americans who wish Trump would take a permanent vacation from the presidency are on the rise.

Senior citizens are the people most likely to vote in presidential elections and most vulnerable to COVID-19, and polls show hey aren't too happy with how he has handled the pandemic.

An early April poll of seniors found they disapprove of his handling of the pandemic by a margin of 52% to 45%. Biden's lead over Trump with this coveted demographic has also expended from 49% to 46% in March, to 54% to 41% in April.

Nationally, 52% of voters disapprove of how Trump has handled the global outbreak, while 44% approve. An overwhelming majority of Americans — 65% — also said they believe that Trump did not take the coronavirus seriously enough when it first presented itself as a threat.

Recent polls show that Joe Biden has a lead over Trump in the four most important swing states, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. If Biden won all four, it would virtually assure his victory.

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