Calorie Counter Reveals How Many Activities Are Better For You Than Sex

Okay, but how does it compare to table tennis or mowing the lawn?

It’s nice to think that vigorous sexual activity isn’t just pleasurable, but can serve as a high-intensity workout. Because, why go to CrossFit or a running trail when you can just stay in bed naked?

Well, a new matrix from The Economist breaks the news to you – sex isn’t all that great a workout when it comes to burning calories, but you can always hope they overlooked the benefits to your core!

Here’s the array of activities versus their calorie-burning benefit:

The Economist

Some of the plotted points are hard to argue with. Boxing is brutal. But I’m just not going to believe that a romp in the sheets gives you the same workout as ironing. Ironing! Are these subjects having incredibly lazy sex? Or, conversely, are many of us failing to iron as aggressively as the population at large?

Though it’s not stipulated in The Economist’s write-up, hope springs that sex’s benefit could be bolstered by combining it with elements of higher-impact activities. Incorporating boxing gloves and a canoe could be a step in the right direction. Or even a lawnmower and karate – just be safe.

Maybe you could have longer sex. A three-hour session burns as many calories as a thirty-minute run and is likely far more pleasant.