A Very Funky Sign Language Interpreter Stole The Show During A Snoop Dogg Concert

Her amazing performance rivals Snoop’s

It takes a lot of charisma to upstage Snoop Dogg while he’s performing, but that’s just a testament to the awesome vibe Holly Maniatty was putting out during his performance. Maniatty was serving as the concert’s sign language interpreter during the rapper’s New Orleans concert when her enthusiasm garnered as many eyeballs, if not more, than Snoop’s did.

In case you were wondering how “P.I.M.P.” came across via signing, wonder no more:

Sure, you say, but what of “All I Do Is Win”? How does that look? I’m glad you asked:

Based on her Facebook page, translating at concerts appears to be a regular gig for Holly, with a stop at Bonnaroo this summer. Keep an eye out for her if you happen to be in attendance, and if you’re looking to make your event more inclusive for the hearing impaired, she refers her page’s visitors to this group.

She’s got a track record of bringing a lil’ somethin’ extra to her performances, as earlier videos show: