'High Castle' producers destroyed every swastika used on the show and the video is oh-so satisfying

via Chela Horsdal / Twitter

Amazon's "The Man in the High Castle" debuted the first episode of its final season last week.

The show is loosely based on an alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick that postulates what would happen if Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan controlled the United States after being victorious in World War II.

When the show first debuted in 2015, the idea of a fascist United States was ridiculous concept, but given the country's embrace of a wannabe autocrat in Donald Trump, it seems eerily prescient.

The show hit a little too close to home for some Trump supporters who thought the show's Resistance Radio station that urged listeners to fight back against fascism seemed anti-Trump.

According Chelah Horsdal, who plays Helen Smith in the series, its producers proudly "proudly destroyed" every swastika prop used in the series after it wrapped.

She posted a video of a leather swastika patch being destroyed by a rotary cutter on Twitter. After the swastikas are cut into tiny pieces they are thrown into a box labeled, "Burn Pile."

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The image of the swastika being sliced and diced is a pleasant image to watch. We may debate whether it's ok to punch a Nazi but everyone is ok with a swastika being destroyed, right?


A few commentators on Horsdal's post protested the destruction of the swastikas.

This prompted the actor to shut down her mentions. "Lotta assholes out there. Who knew the position 'nazi swastikas are bad' would be so controversial," she wrote.

But the majority of people out there know that Nazis = bad and loved seeing the props destroyed.


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