Daughter Creates A Video To Show The Human Side Of Schizophrenia

It stars her mother, Cindy.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one-third of America’s total homeless population are people with severe mental health disorders. A large portion of this population are schizophrenics who suffer from delusions, amnesia, and confusion while fighting disruptive voices inside their heads. Most people only interact with schizophrenics when they encounter them on the streets and many are frightened by them. That’s why one woman is trying to humanize the illness by introducing the world to her schizophrenic mother.

Photographer Emily Robinson has created a video showing that schizophrenics aren’t just the people we see suffering on the streets or in prisons, but they’re family members as well. “What people need to understand is that when someone is behaving that way they are so sick. They are a victim of their illness,” Robinson says. But she’s giving families hope by showing that people with this debilitating disease are worthy of love and human kindness. “The point of this project is I want people to see, like look this is my mom!” Robinson says. “Hey look, there’s a real person in there that belongs to someone, who’s loved by someone, who loves other people, just like we all do as humans.”

You can follow Emily Robinson’s storytelling project about her life with her mother, Cindy, on her blog, You Are in this World.