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Daughter has the most adorable reaction to getting surprised with a puppy she had been asking for

A girl had been asking her parents for a puppy for quite some time. Her reaction to finally getting one is priceless.

Daughter has the most adorable reaction to getting surprised with a puppy she had been asking for
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/King_Pee

Pets tend to become a person’s best friend. Especially if you adopt or receive them as children. Of course, there would be a special place in your heart for a pet that grows along with you and stays with you at all times. The arrival of a pet becomes even more special if you have been asking for one for quite some time. This is exactly what happened with this little girl. In a video posted by u/King_Pee that is doing the rounds on Reddit, this little girl receives a much-awaited puppy. Her reaction is beyond adorable and gushy. People cannot stop interacting with it because probably almost everyone has such a moment in their life and it was beyond heartwarming for the little girl.

As the video begins, the girl’s dad brings in a cute brown puppy inside the room. The overlay text reads: "My daughter has been asking for a puppy for the longest time. Today we decided to surprise her with one..." The girl is seen sleeping as the puppy is kept in her bed. She continues to sleep as the puppy sniffs and moves around her. The dad moves the puppy closer to his daughter to wake her up, but the puppy adorable snuggles into the girl's arm. The dad had to then resort to calling out her name, which works and wakes her up. The moment the girl wakes up she takes a moment to register that there’s a cute little puppy in her bed. In no time, her mouth hangs open in surprise and the very next moment she starts sobbing. She cannot stop saying thank you and repeating that it’s the best day of her life. She says, "You're kidding," to which her mom tells her that the puppy was hers. She continues crying and saying thank you as the video ends. No doubt people found her reaction adorable and couldn't get enough of it. It was a life-changing moment for the girl, as she met her best friend.

Image Source: Reddit | r/MadeMeSmile
Image Source: Reddit | u/King_Pee

People couldn’t stop mentioning the fact that the girl was so grateful. Her reaction was both humble and extremely cute. People also shared their own adorable stories of receiving puppies as a surprise. u/ObligatoryGrowLithe wrote, “One time my mom was out doing some shopping and me and my two brothers were at home because if she had a lot to do, it was easier to do alone than carting three kids around who would beg for everything and slow her down. Anyhow, it always felt like an eternity even though we had our games, toys and snacks. We hear the garage door open and go to greet her and she has her hands full with happy meals and two puppies. She said a homeless woman had them in a shopping cart outside McDonald’s and she felt compelled to buy them from her. Emotional overload getting puppies and McDonalds at once. I could barely breathe.” u/SaintValentines commented, “My parents surprised me with a puppy in the car when picking me up from fifth grade one day. It’s absolutely a core memory.”

Image Source: Reddit | u.Maintainmarvel
Image Source: Reddit | u/Maintainmarvel


Image Source: Various_Froyo9860
Image Source: Reddit | u/Various_Froyo9860

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