Intermission: Helmets as Art

Protect your brain and get a laugh with Igor Mitin's "Creative Helmets."

Attention bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and moped owners: If you’ve ever wanted to see how you'd look bald (complete with a gold hoop piercing), now’s your chance. “Creative Helmets,” which recently won the Red Dot design award, showcases Kazakhstan native Igor Mitin's collection of swanky, quirky, tongue-in-cheek headgear to give fellow commuters a laugh while protecting your brain. Show off a perfect bob while biking in the wind, don a pearly, pink bowling ball from the “Balls Collection,” or become a perfectly juicy watermelon-head. There’s even a sexual collection for those who want to moon traffic from their heads.

Mitin says the project came out of his desire to create something unusual and funny. "Unifying two things with the same shape, but different purposes is really challenging and at the same time rewarding," he says. "There is a lack of things which force people stare and smile. Consequently, I have made my motto to give a new unusual look to very familiar objects of our everyday life."