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College Student Shoots An Impressive Array Of Basketball Shots To Win A Big Cash Prize

And basketball’s not even his usual sport.

The Texas A&M International University Dustdevils don’t make a lot of headlines in competition, but recently, one of the school’s students showed an uncanny ability to sink basketball shots from everywhere on the court. College senior Kyle Kieshnick, a pitcher for the school’s baseball team, made short work of a halftime challenge to sink four shots in 24 seconds for $25,000.

After “Ready, set, go,” the clock started and Kieshnick was well on his way to the cash prize.

The team is currently sitting on a 10-17 record this season, so they might want to offer some enticement for Kieshnick to stick around a few weeks before returning to the baseball team.

Speaking to the Laredo Morning Times, Kieshnick described what was going through his head for the final shot that netted the sharpshooter $25,000. His quiet awe at completing the feat was quickly ended by a dogpiling fan. “When I got to the half-court shot, I had a lot of time. I made sure I took my time on the half-court shot, and it went in,” he said. “I just kind of stood there in awe. Then I got tackled also.”

After a standard delay in which the company underwriting this contest and others like it, Interactive Promotions, reviewed the performance to make sure he met all the rules and eligibility requirements, Kieshnick has his check — and a fair amount of viral fame now that video of the performance has been posted by the school.

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