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PETA Is Pranking People With Dog’s Milk To Get Them To Go Vegan

“Humans are the only species on the planet that drinks another animal’s milk.”

If you’re like most people (vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore), you’ve likely considered how societies arbitrarily discriminate over the type of meat they find acceptable to consume. We’ll eat cows, chickens, fish, and even adorable little pigs all day, but dog or whale meat revolts many of us. It varies from culture to culture based on many factors, but the United States is one of the pickiest when it comes to the animals we use for food.

To point out the hypocrisy of these distinctions, and to show that all animals deserve to be equal, PETA pulled a prank on some unsuspecting subjects, and I think the animal rights group got exactly the reactions they were hoping for.

Here’s the footage of the purposeful ruse:

PETA gathered a focus group to taste and discuss a “new brand of milk” that was coming to the marketplace. Once everyone had sampled the product, they were informed (falsely) that the milk they just drank came from a dog. As you would expect, some subjects were angry that important fact had been kept from them while others were disgusted that they’d just (presumably) drank dog’s milk.

In reality, they weren’t drinking dog’s milk. Because this is PETA we’re talking about, they weren’t even served cow’s milk. They were given soy milk. Frankly, I’m surprised that a few people weren’t repulsed by THAT revelation itself, but the prevailing sentiment was one of relief.

The director of PETA explained the purpose of the deceptive exercise succinctly, saying, “Humans are the only species on the planet that drinks another animal’s milk, and cows’ milk is no more natural for us than dogs’ milk. When it comes to drinking milk past breastfeeding age, plant-based is best.”

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